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boardroom in downtown denver If you’re looking for space for a meeting or conference, your options are truly endless. Depending on the size of your audience and your budget, you could go to local coffee shop, hotel meeting space, or an executive suites set-up to name just a few. Why choose YourOffice – Denver? That’s the easy part.

We cater to parties of all sizes

Meeting one-on-one? We have a day office which seats 2-3 people. Need a boardroom set-up? We have a large room for up to 12 individuals with a breathtaking view of downtown Denver with the mountains in the background. With a hotel, you are much more limited in the options of rooms. They are usually on the larger size which can seem overwhelming when your group is not proportionally as big.

What you see is what you get – Always

When booking a conference room with a hotel, you never know who your ‘neighbors’ could be. Nationwide biker rally? High school dance competition? Sure, these are all things you could research, but there is bound to something going on that missed your Google search for happenings.

On-site staff at your service

This is definitely an important factor, especially when you’re in a city that you don’t call home base. In a hotel environment, you are limited to certain commodities ranging from actual office supplies to the people there to answer questions and help your overall image as a company. With YourOffice – Denver are staff is always on-site to assist with any and all needs.

The right meeting or conference space can mean the difference between closing a deal and getting that contract signed, or a prospective client telling you that they need more time.  Whether you need space to teach or class or you want to impress in order to close a deal YourOffice-Denver is the right place.

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