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Hybrid Remote Office – One Day Per Week Office

A Denver Company named CEvita has accepted the Hybrid Remote office model as the new way to work.  The company has contracted with YourOffice to provide office space one day per week.  CEvita has decided to not renew its current office lease in order to allow it’s employees to work at home and to save a significant monthly expense for traditional office space.   That solution is called a Hybrid Remote Office.  See more about that new way to work at https://www.wrike.com/blog/what-is-hybrid-remote-working/#What-is-a-hybrid-remote-working-model.


A Weekly “Day in the Office”

Under the agreement, YourOffice will provide the following:

  • A day in the office every Monday
  • A workspace for each of 9 employees
  • A boardroom for 12 people for an all employee meeting
  • Other conference rooms for small meetings as needed
  • High speed Internet access
  • Kitchen privileges
  • A downtown Denver business address
  • Telephone answering and receptionist services
  • One full time office for file storage and occasional drop in usage


Hybrid Remote Includes a Virtual Office

All companies need a permanent address at which to receive mail and for use as a legal address with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.  The YourOffice address at 600 17th Street can be used as a legal address even though the company is not at that address full time.  YourOffice provides a virtual office package that is commonly used for small business owners who work from home and that package is included in the contract for a “Day in the Office”.  The virtual office agreement with CEvita includes:

  • Business address for incoming mail and packages
  • Secretary of State registration
  • Google My Business listing
  • Telephone answering and receptionist services
  • See more about our virtual office offerings at www.yourofficedenver.com/virtual-office/


A Hybrid Remote Office for a Fraction of the Cost

CEvitas will save the cost of traditional office space at $8100 per month but that is not all.  Having a full time office includes other costs that CEvita estimates as follows:

  • Office Lease – $8100 per month
  • Receptionist – $4000 per month
  • Copier – $350 per month
  • Internet Access – $250 per month
  • Telephone Services – $400 per month
  • Kitchen and Office Supplies – $300 per month
  • Parking Reimbursement for two employees – $500 per month
  • RTD EcoPass for others – $562 per month
  • Shredding Service – $75 per month
  • TOTAL EXPENSES ELIMINATED – $14,537 per month

The total cost charged by YourOffice for one day in the office is $2250 per month resulting in an 85% reduction in office costs.  Even if they had kept a receptionist working from home to answer calls or perform other tasks, the savings would be $10,537 per month or or a 79% reduction in costs.  EVitas says that the agreement with YourOffice achieves two primary goals: To enable the Hybrid Remote work at home business model while significantly reducing the monthly expenses related to office space.  The CEvitas owner and president says…”We expect to have happy employees while adding $248,700 per year to our bottom line”.

YourOffice provides private small office rentals, virtual office services and Hybrid Remote office alternatives in Downtown Denver.  Visit www.yourofficedenver.com or call  303-260-6400 for a quote that is configured to your needs.


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