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meeting rooms in denver for rent Meeting Rooms

So, you know that you need some sort of space to hold a meeting in downtown Denver. Now, what you need to learn is what kind of space you’ll need and what specifically it offers.

One-on-One Meeting

A small conference room ranging from 100-150 sq. ft should do the trick. These small spaces are ideal for interviews or other meetings of the sort.

Meeting with Multiple People (2-4)

A conference room ranging from 150-200 would be the right fit. This gives you enough room for a brainstorming session and to get some work done and still have room to breathe.

Holding a Small Business Meeting (5-12)

A Boardroom set-up would be your best bet. Many of these options with give you a presentation-style room. A lot of which come equipped with a projector necessary computer hook-ups, as well as dry erase board.

Larger meeting/training meeting (up to 50)

A large suite/room ranging from 1,000-2,000 square feet is more than likely the space that will be necessary to house a large group like this. Often times, these rooms are usually equipped with the capability to section the room off with heavy-duty dividers or keep as one large open space. The versatility of said conference rooms are a typically a preference for people in the market.

Conference (50+)

Conference and banquet halls, which vary greatly in size, are definitely the best set up for a gathering of this magnitude. Like the larger conference rooms, these hall-type set ups usually come with the ability to divvy up the convention.

When you are holding a meeting or a conference one of the most important things to consider is how many people are coming and what aize space you’ll need.  We hope this posts points you in the right direction.

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