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4Working from home has its positives, don’t get me wrong. However, there are always cons that are involved. Listed below are a few that are some of the top reasons many are switching to an executive suite.

Four Ways Your Home Office is a Hindrance


Some may argue that there are plenty of distractions in the office environment, but the distractions at home often times can be harder to battle. With your bedroom and kitchen so close-by, there are always things that you think need to be done immediately whether or not they are genuinely more important than work.

Less Collaborative

Two (or more) minds truly are greater than one. Having some sort of partner there to bounce ideas off of is entirely important. Sometimes that person does not even have to be directly involved in what you are trying to do; there are plenty of times when you just need a different set of eyes or ears to give you some outside input.

Harder to Separate Work and Home

This may one of the most obvious points. But it something that seems to be overlooked when people are considering working out of the home. People often look past the fact that when you are working from home, work never stops. You are so connected to everything that you lose all hope of shutting things off when your “work day” is over. Not to mention it makes friends and family think that you are more accessible solely because now you are working from home.

You’re More Anonymous

While this could be good depending upon the trade you’re in, some customers will never feel comfortable with you unless you have a brick-and-mortar shop. This can be an issue of accessibility, trust, safety or a combination of these. Some can see this as an old school frame of mind, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles; people enjoy a face-to-face meeting in an office setting.

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