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Hybrid Remote Office Space for a Fraction of the Cost

Are you nearing the end of your traditional office lease?   Do your workers prefer to work at home?  If you see the need for some time in the office each week for team building or project planning, there’s a new office rental model that may be the perfect fit for you.  It’s called a Remote Hybrid Office and is offered by YourOffice in downtown Denver.  Your company can contract for a day in the office each week which includes a workstation for each employee plus meeting rooms that can be booked for the entire group or smaller project groups.  YourOffice can provide the office space to your company every Monday for example, while renting that same space to another company that may want to be in the office every Tuesday and Thursday.  YourOffice also provides a receptionist and administrative support services which might eliminate some of the expenses for administrative personnel.  The facility includes full kitchen amenities and an elegant reception area on the top floor of Dominion Towers.  On the days that your employees are working from home, YourOffice employees will represent your business every day of the week at the prestigious address of 600 17th Street.  Your business cards and letterhead can have this full time penthouse image for a fraction of the cost of traditional office space.

Downtown office space has not recovered from COVID.  While the occupancy rates of downtown Denver office buildings might be above 75%, most of those office spaces have less than half of their employees in the office on a given day.  Statistics have been collected from building access card usage and presently only 30% of card keys are swiped on a given day in downtown Denver.  The employees have sampled the work at home life and are reluctant to return to the office on a full time basis.  Why should you pay for full time office space if your employees are not going to come into the office on a full time basis?  You shouldn’t.

YourOffice has created an offering that caters to companies downsizing from traditional leased space.  You can contract for a workspace for every employee one or two days per week or contract for a select set of employees on a full time basis while others work from home.  The options are many and all of them are money savers.  You can expect to eliminate 60-80 percent of your monthly expense for office space while still seeing your employees in the office occasionally.  Isn’t that the perfect fit for the post-COVID office?

YourOffice has provided fully serviced office space in downtown Denver for over 20 years. Get more information at www.yourofficedenver.com/hybrid-remote/ or 303-260-6400.

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