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Summary: COVID-19 has forced more people to work from home and made renting out dedicated office spaces impractical. As such, most businesses find it better to switch to virtual business addresses. These provide all the necessary office-related services for your business while ensuring that you and your employees can work from home and stay safe during the pandemic.

Running a business is already hard as it is, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even harder. It has caused multiple governments around the world to impose lock downs and restrictions on the movement of their citizens. As such, only those with essential needs are allowed to go out. Those who had to work had to shift to a work from home setup, and most companies had to vacate their dedicated offices.

However, whether you are a big company, a startup, a professional, or even a freelancer in Denver, having a virtual office and a virtual address for business can greatly help you. This is because there are a lot of virtual office benefits that could help keep your business up and running for a much lower cost than keeping and maintaining an office building you can’t use.

virtual office building

Benefits of a Virtual Business Address

If you are wondering how a virtual business address can help you during these challenging times, we have listed some reasons below:

Continued Mail and Telephone Services

One important thing for businesses during this pandemic is to keep in touch with their customers, clients, suppliers, and partners. This is why communication lines must remain open. However, as a business owner or a professional, it would admittedly be hard to manage both mail and telephone services while also doing the necessary work to keep your company operations running. Two of the most important virtual business address services are mail and telephone services. YourOffice Denver has personnel and staff specifically trained for receiving mails and answering calls for your business. You also get the option of having these calls directly diverted to you and your mail delivered to you or picked up in person.

Virtual Business Address Location

Since we’ve talked about mail, it is necessary that it goes somewhere. Receiving different and unsorted mail at your house is both a hassle and another thing to worry about. Not only will you have to waste precious time going through all of them, but your privacy is not protected if you give out your residential address for business mailing purposes. That is why a virtual address for business is important. You will have an address that is specifically meant for receiving mails and sorting them out for you.

An Office, but Without the Maintenance Requirements

We understand that keeping a dedicated office for your business during the pandemic is not practical. Apart from not being useful, maintaining a dedicated office during the pandemic is not worth the money. While having an office is necessary, the expenses that come with a dedicated space like cleaning costs, electricity costs, water costs, and many more are not warranted if most of your team is working from home. As such, it would be better to shift to renting out a virtual office and virtual business address. With this, you get flexible arrangements and payment plans. You can easily cancel or upgrade your plan. Most especially, you no longer have to pay for maintenance.

Safety and Adaptability During the Pandemic

Safe distancing has easily become the most popular habit for people to build. With restrictions in place limiting social gatherings and interactions, including in work settings, having a virtual business address allows you and your employees to work from home without needing to worry about any disruptions that the lack of an office might cause. This arrangement can keep you and your employees safe from the risk of contracting COVID-19 when leaving home in order to work.

While the pandemic has undeniably made it harder for most businesses, the key to surviving is being ready to adapt to the world’s ever-changing circumstances. One way for businesses to do so at this point is to shift to virtual offices. Virtual offices like YourOffice Denver provide all the necessary office requirements for companies, all with flexible plan arrangements and without having to pay expensive maintenance costs. Those are just part of the plan you choose. If you want to know more about our virtual business address services at YourOffice Denver, all you need to do is to give us a call or drop by our location!

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