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woman-at-laptopOnce you have decided that the best option for you and your business is to use a Virtual Office service, you begin to move on to how to choose the right Virtual Office.

Virtual Office Location

Location, location, location-  As with anything business-related; location matters big time. Your prospective clients and customers care about where they are conducting business. The price difference between getting a prestigious business address as opposed to an address out in the boonies could drastic (relatively speaking, of course). But don’t overlook the fact that the face of this business creates the first impression. And you only get one first impression.

Confidentiality Concerns

There are plenty of different business entities that require a certain level of confidentiality. For example, lawyers, super-secret start-ups, those with numerous competitors in the area, etc. If this is an issue for you, do some research to make sure this will be maintained throughout the business. Ask questions like: Who is manning the fax machine? Will anyone else be able to access my mail? Are conference rooms and meeting spaces secluded? Is the internet secure?


Visit to make sure the facilities portray the image you want your company to encompass. There are all kinds of different offerings out there, so making sure that the qualities of the company you sign on with match your own can help say a lot to your current and future clients and customers.

Possibility to Upgrade Your Virtual Office

Ideally your Virtual Office provider also has serviced offices. This allows you to seamlessly upgrade your office solutions in line with your company growth, without having to change phone numbers or your business address (which can be a costly exercise). If possible, choose a Virtual Office that allows you to upgrade to a physical office later on, so that you don’t have to move once you have the first employees.

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