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What is Mail Notification?

This is a service for all new customers who choose any virtual office package priced at $75 or above.  With this service our staff members will scan images of each letter or package that arrives for you and send those images to you in an email message.  You can direct us to trash it, hold it, shred it or open and scan the contents of specific envelopes.  The scanning effort will be billed at the end of the month for $.10 per page.  If you don’t respond with specific instructions, we’ll hold or forward your mail according to your default instructions.


YourOffice has been providing mail receiving service for a virtual mailbox in Denver for nearly 20 years. Our downtown business center is the largest single location provider of virtual office services in the Rocky Mountain West. We have more than 300 active virtual office customers and for good reason. We have a penthouse image, 28th story views and we are priced to be the best value in the market.

Whether you are in need of office space rental, mail receiving service or a virtual mailing address, YourOffice has a what you need. Contact us today for all of for more information about all of the services we have to offer.

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