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Hybrid Remote Office

If your company is “going virtual” and embracing the work from home model, you may still need one day per week in the office for meetings, project collaboration and team building.  YourOffice can configure a Hybrid Remote Office for you at a fraction of the cost of leasing traditional office space.  This new work model bridges the gap between remote work and working in the office full time. It offers employees the opportunity to work from home during most days of the week, while still having a day in the office.  Most people still want to occasionally be with their co-workers.  If companies are not eager to return to full-time in-office work for all employees, there is a solution that is less black and white.   That solution is called a Hybrid Remote Office.  See more about that new way to work at https://www.wrike.com/blog/what-is-hybrid-remote-working/#What-is-a-hybrid-remote-working-model.


A Weekly “Day in the Office”

  • A workspace for each of your employees
  • A boardroom style conference room for company or department meetings
  • High speed Internet access
  • Free kitchen privileges
  • A downtown Denver business address
  • Telephone answering and receptionist services
  • An optional full time office for file storage or drop in usage.


Hybrid Remote Includes a Virtual Office

If you are going virtual, your company will need an address from which to operate:

  • Business address for incoming mail and packages
  • Secretary of State registration
  • Google My Business listing
  • A location for central storage of key documents, server equipment
  • Telephone answering and receptionist services
  • See more about our virtual office offerings at www.yourofficedenver.com/virtual-office/


A Hybrid Remote Office for a Fraction of the Cost

If your company is currently leasing traditional office space while allowing your employees to work from home, we can help you reduce your office expense by 65% to 90% depending upon your needs.   Call us at 303-260-6400 for a quote that is configured to your needs.


Hybrid Remote Office

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