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$35 Per Hour
$210 Per Day

Team Room

$25 Per Hour $150 Per Day

Small Conference Room

$20 Per Hour
$120 Per Day

Day Office

$20 Per Hour
$120 Per Day

Meeting Rooms in Denver

Denver Meeting rooms at YourOffice include 5 elegantly decorated rooms suitable for 3 people to 50 people.  Two conference rooms contain projection capabilities via HDMI cables from the table top to a wall mounted TV monitor.  Our virtual office customers are considered Members and receive a discount of $5 per hour on all conference room reservations.  If you have large requirements for conference room usage consider becoming a Virtual Office customer for $75 per month.

The prices and pictures of the professional meeting space can also be seen in the pictures above.

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Room Descriptions
Conference Room - $20 per hour/$120 per day
The conference room seats 4 people at a roundtable.  The meeting room located in Denver is elegantly decorated and includes a glass marker board, a telephone, and 100 MB free WiFi access.  The room does not include projection equipment.  This meeting space is very private with only an 18-inch glass sidelight window providing visibility to the hallway.
Day Office - $20 Per Hour/$120 Per Day
The Day Office is a 10 X 15 foot window office with 28 story views of downtown Denver.  It’s a conference room suitable for three people but designed to look like your office with an executive chair behind a desk and two guest chairs on the opposite side of the desk.  The office has a glass wall for the inner wall as well for an open and elegant feel.  The office includes a telephone and a glass marker board but no projection facilities.  If you need projection facilities consider the Medium Conference Room or the Boardroom.
Team Room - $25 Per Hour/$150 Per Day
The Team Room is a 10 X 17 foot room with a rectangular table suitable for 6 people.   The room has a glass marker board and is very private with only a small 18 inch window showing access to the hallway.   If you need to give a presentation, connect your laptop at the table to the wall mounted TV for a great image.  The room includes a telephone, videoconferencing equipment, a Polycom conference phone and 100 MB free WiFi access.
Boardroom - $35 Per Hour/$300 Per Day
The Boardroom is a 30 X 15 foot room with window views of Denver’s downtown.  The Boardroom has a glass wall as the interior wall which provides a very open and professional feel.  The room has a racetrack shaped table suitable for 10-12 people however larger groups have made use of the room.  The table has imbedded pop up boxes providing power and Ethernet connections for 8-10 people.  Additionally, you can connect from the table top to the wall mounted TV to give presentations.  A Polycom Conference phone is included as well as a 100 WiFi connection.
Training Room
The training room is a very large room suitable for up to 60 people in a classroom format.  It has been recently renovated and is both elegant and very functional.  A kitchen/bar area is included for the presentation of catered food and can be serviced by vendors while class is in session.  Two very large capacity WiFi access points are included to provide redundancy in the event of an outage.  Power is provided at each table top for laptop users and professional grade presentation equipment is built into the environment.

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