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Better Value

Office Value

YourOffice provides a better value for your needs over all of the providers in the upper half of the market.  Our offices are not the cheapest and if your priorities are primarily for a low cost place to work where image, services and technology are not high priorities you would be better served at another location.  Call us and we’ll provide a recommendation for the perfect place for your office space needs.  But if your needs include a high class office image, first class services and the best possible technology available today then YourOffice is the best place for you.

Virtual Office Value

When it comes to your virtual office needs, we are the cheapest!  Our $75 virtual office includes mail receiving services, a business telephone number and conference room time.  No one provides so much value for an industry leading price.

Bundled pricing

We provide many services into the price of an office for which others charge extra.  Our prices include furniture, Internet access, telephone service and telephone answering services at no extra charge.  We have free fax machines available to everyone and free coffee and tea as well.  Each executive suite rental customer receives 8 hours of free conference room time per month with additional time available for a small hourly fee.

Low cost additional services

There are some additional services that people will opt to utilize.  Many of those services are priced at the low end of our industry with volume discounts for things such as long distance calls and copies or prints.  Additionally, our conference room rental rates are the lowest in the industry.

We don’t “nickle and dime” you

One of the biggest customer complaints in our industry is that people feel surprised by unexpected charges, service omissions that were expected as part of the contract or surprise renewals for an additional term.  We make it a priority to avoid surprises by including nearly all of your needs in our office price, then being clear about what is not included.  We’ll also provide you with a reminder when your renewal dates are approaching so that you won’t be surprised by an automatic renewal.  We want you to be happy with your stay so that you’ll return again, perhaps with a new employer.  In fact, we have several customers who have returned two or three times.  We’ll treat you well so that you’ll come back to see us.


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