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Better Technology

Office Space DenverCoworking Technology

The executive suite technology environment at YourOffice is superior to all of our competitors.  Our executive suite business center was designed from the beginning to entice and satisfy the the most demanding technology user.  If you were to perform an extensive evaluation of all providers of executive suites, virtual offices, and coworking space in Denver, we would win that competition.

More bandwidth

YourOffice has a 1 GB internet connection which is more than 10 times the bandwidth of our most capable competitors.  We deliver a 100 MB connection to each of our customers and that bandwidth can not be impacted by other people in our facility.  It is the fastest internet service in our industry.

Private VLANs

Typical executive suite office rentals have all customers sharing a single LAN environment.  This model is a security risk for your data files and is a risk to your response times since sharing bandwidth can result in diminished throughput because of outbound SPAM producing viruses.  YourOffice provides a virtual LAN or VLAN for each customer which provides an isolated computing environment for each company.  Your files are completely secure and your bandwidth can not be impacted by other users.

Enterprise Level Wireless Capabilities

YourOffice has 4 enterprise grade wireless routers located strategically around the 28th floor.  Additionally, these routers are programmed to deliver wireless service while keeping your devices within your private VLAN which means that your wireless devices won’t be sharing the service with guests or other companies.  This is a very unique offering and especially important for new laptop devices which have no ports for an Ethernet cable.

LAN Printing

YourOffice provides a LAN based color printer/scanner to which you can print from your office for large jobs or for high quality jobs.

Technical Support

Our level of technical expertise is well above the norm which provides a reliable computing environment for your users and quick response to technical issues.  Additionally, your Denver virtual offices are supported by the IT experts at VirtueCom for the more difficult issues.  VirtueCom technicians are just a phone call away and eager to provide IT support services to your firm as well.

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