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gen y and virtual offices Without a doubt, telecommuting is slowly making a rise in many business models today. With both gen X and gen Y are very technologically savvy, it is easy to see why telecommuting is coming in with a bang.

Many boomers view the ability to work from home as a luxury only the higher-ups receive. With the changing times, attention to sustainability, and aim to keep overhead costs at a minimum, working remotely has provided many different businesses with the ability to work more freely; both literally and physically.

Virtual Offices & A New Workforce

It’s clear that with each new generation entering the workforce, business models seem to adjust accordingly. With the work-from-home option becoming more and more useful, these tech-savvy newcomers are taking full advantage of the Virtual Office set-up for numerous reasons. For example, the ability to work wherever and whenever is appealing to those who are always on the run. And again, the expenses saved are tremendous as you or your company are not responsible for private space and the employees to work and manage it.

The Changing Direction of Business

Although much of business is going to The Cloud and other online-based solutions, people do not want to solely rely on the internet. Human interaction is still a huge part of any business. Which is exactly why using YourOffice – Denver’s Virtual Office services are ideal in that you can also use our conference rooms and meeting space when necessary. Overall, it’s a win-win for everyone involved, and it’s a great way to grow your business while keeping costs low.

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