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VoIP Telephone Service

 A Business Line for Your Cell Phone or Desk Phone

It’s a cloud based Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone service that can be used on your cell phone or on a VoIP telephone handset.  You’ll be provided with a 10 digit telephone number from any state you choose that you can keep and port to another vendor if you wish when you terminate services with YourOffice.

For incoming calls … when that number is dialed it can ring to your cell phone, a home number, a VoIP telephone handset or all of these simultaneously.  You’ll never miss an incoming phone call.   Messages can be left in a voice mail box and those messages can arrive in your email inbox so you can listen to them on your cell phone.

For outgoing calls … you can dial from the VoIP phone or a Bria software phone app on your cell phone.  Doing so sends your business telephone number in the callerID information string instead of your cell phone number so your customers won’t see your cell phone number.  The Bria app requires a WiFi connection because the calls go out over the internet.  As a side benefit you can use your cell phone while traveling internationally to make free long distance calls.

The YourOffice service is much like the Grasshopper product if used with the phone app or like the Ring Central product if used with the VoIP telephone handset.  The Ring Central Standard product costs $24.99 per month and the Grasshopper SOLO product costs $24 per month.   Ours is included for free with the virtual office service.

Stated very simply …you can run your business from your cell phone without sharing your cell phone number … or you can have a telephone handset … or both   For more information about this service please call 303-260-6400.


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